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Rules & Regulations

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For your safety and enjoyment at The Grenada Yacht Club, we require that you, your crew and your guests abide by the following regulations:

1. Check-in:

All skippers are asked to check in with the Office for registration and payment of dockage. Office hours are 0800 Hours to 1700 Hours. After hours please check with security. Skippers are expected to ensure that the correct procedures with Customs & Immigration are followed.
Please note that the nearest Customs & Immigration point is situated at The Grenada Yacht Club.

2. Dockage Fee Calculations:

Boat length for dockage fee purposes is calculated using the extreme length including bow or stern pulpits.

3. Keys:

All unoccupied vessels on the docks must leave all keys necessary for operating said vessels with the Dock Master.

4. Emergencies:

In the event of an emergency the Club reserves the right to relocate any vessel on the docks. In the event of an emergency, during the owner(s) absence, i.e. breakdown of bilge pump, leaks, bad lines etc. the Club shall make necessary repairs as economically as possible which will be charged to the boat owner.
Further, all vessels are expected to be maintained in a seaworthy condition and they should not constitute a fire hazard. If a vessel should sink or become water logged, it will be the responsibility of the owner to have it raised immediately.
If after five days prior notice, the vessel has not been raised, the Management Committee of the Club reserves the right to undertake raising the craft, and any cost involved will be charged to the vessel's owner.

5. Condition of Boats:

Only vessels in good condition, meeting required Club standards and under their own power shall be accepted on the docks.
All boats must be equipped with an operating automatic bilge pump.

6. Waste Disposal/Pollution:

You will find a large blue garbage disposal skip near the main gate. Please insure your garbage bags are strong and well sealed before placing them in the disposal skip.
Please be aware that the disposal of garbage, including mineral or human waste, flammable liquids or polluting matter of any kind, into the sea is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

7. Commercial Ventures:

Use of boats moored on the docks for unauthorized commercial purposes is not allowed.

8. Advertising:

Attaching advertising material to a boat is not allowed. However, any vessel may display a small "For Sale" sign.
If a vessel is to be sold privately the owner should accompany all prospective buyers when boat is being inspected.

9. Boat Builders and Servicemen:

Security clearance must be obtained from management for workmen contracted to carry out work on boats tied up at the docks.

10.Personal Repairs:

Boat owners doing repair work on their own vessels must first notify the dock master. Painting, scraping or repairing of gear is not allowed.

11. Water Sports:

No swimming, diving or fishing will be allowed from the docks.

12. Dress Code:

All persons entering the Club House are expected to be properly attired. Cut off T-shirts, swimwear, bare feet and other inappropriate attire are not allowed.

13. Conduct:

Proper conduct is required in the Club House. Sitting on tables or putting feet on chairs is not allowed.

14. Noise and Noxious Fumes:

Please respect the comfort of your neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum and avoiding the emission of noxious fumes from your boat.

15. Security:

Guests should notify the Security Guard when leaving and entering the main gate.

16. Guest:

If you expect guests please ensure that they know your name and that of your boat. Inform the Security Guard before their arrival at the gate.

17. Pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, insects etc.):

a. Government Health regulations require that all animals entering Grenada must have proper Health Certificates. They must be examined by the Government Veterinarian and be certified as fit to enter the island.
b. Animals without the required documentation are not allowed on shore. They must be kept restricted on board.
c. Pets are permitted only if they do not disturb others.
d. Authorised pets must be kept on a leash at all times when on shore.
e. Pet deposits must be cleaned up and properly disposed of by the owner.
f. Pets are not allowed inside the Club House.

18. Animal, Vegetable and Plant Material:

a. Grenadian law requires that Government Officers must inspect all raw meat, fresh vegetable material (including fruits) arriving into the country before being allowed on shore.
b. Grenadian law also requires that Government Officers must inspect all plants, seeds, cuttings, peels, skins and soil before being allowed on shore.

19. Vehicles:

Only service carts are permitted on the docks.

20. Drying of Clothes:

Drying of clothes on the docks is discouraged.

21. Hucksters and Vendors:

The Club takes a dim view of Hucksters and Vendors selling to boats tied up at our docks. If persons in small boats approach you offering to sell you their wares please refrain from buying and discourage them from returning.

22. Children:

Children under 12 must be constantly supervised within the confines of the club.

23. Fires:

Charcoal fires, or any other type of cook fires, are not allowed on the docks, PARTICULARLY NEAR TO THE FUEL STATION.

24. Air Conditioners and Water Hoses:

Air conditioners should be turned off on unattended vessels. Water supply hoses of unattended vessels should be disconnected at the dock and stored aboard.

25. Leaving:

Boats leaving the docks must notify the office 24 hours prior to departure.

Persons using the docks shall be subject to all rules and regulations of the Grenada Yacht Club printed above.
Persons breaching any rule or regulation may be asked to leave the docks immediately.

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